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Compare $10 shatter and $15 shatter to premium shatter, with a price comparison chart.

April 15, 2022. Shatter is one of the most popular concentrates with New Yorkers and it can be very expensive to buy from online dispensaries. This glass-like potent THC extract is commonly referred to as “marijuana on steroids” with concentrated THC levels up to 75% or higher, which dictates its high price tag. Cheap shatter New York can mean several things and can display different search results that might not be intended. Some shatter lovers are looking for cheap prices but only want the best quality shatter, while others are searching to buy the cheapest shatter online to fit their budget, even if the quality isn’t quite there.

This article breaks down all the different types and ways to buy cheap shatter online in New York City from online dispensaries that have been reviewed for the best reputation for value, brand and product quality. You will find tables and charts with shatter deals, coupon codes and prices. This includes shatter sold by the gram, quarter, mix & match shatter packs, in bulk with ounces of shatter and wholesale shatter sold in full pounds (16 ounces).

Let’s get into it and talk about shatter prices in New York City first.


Shatter Prices New York City 2022

Buying shatter online is expensive when you buy it in smaller quantities. Shatter prices vary depending on the brand, grade quality, whether it’s nug run or trim run shatter, and how much you buy.

How much is a gram of shatter in New York City?

Shatter is commonly sold by the gram due to its high potency and big price tag. The cost of one gram of top-shelf AAAA nug run shatter can be varied and is between $30 to $50 per gram from New York City’s dispensary storefronts.

The same quality shatter from online dispensaries will cost you from $15 per gram to $25 per gram.  The price of shatter per gram will get cheaper if you buy bulk shatter or wholesale shatter. But be careful, with the low-priced budget options of $15 or less, the quality tends to degrade and is sometimes trim-run shatter. Tip: If the shatter is dark or black and not transparent, then it is a low-quality product and you shouldn’t pay over $15 per gram for it.

What is a good price for shatter?

A good price for shatter in New York City is $20 per gram in 2022. Expect it to be high-quality shatter made from AAAA cannabis flower. Typically, this quality of shatter can be found online for $25 to $30 per gram but nowadays, that is considered expensive.

Bulk and Wholesale Shatter Prices 2022

You can only buy bulk shatter online and wholesale shatter from Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) online dispensaries. The prices drop considerably when compared to shatter prices by the gram. You will find bulk shatter sold online by the half-ounce (14 grams) and one ounce (28 grams) with bulk shatter packs always available to mix and match it up.

Wholesale shatter is available by the quarter pound (4 ounces), half pound (8 ounces), and in some cases by the pound (16 ounces). Here are the average bulk and wholesale shatter prices, the price variance indicates the grade of shatter.

  • Half ounce of shatter (14 grams) – $275 to $350
  • 1 ounce of shatter (28 grams) – $400 to $650
  • Quarter pound of shatter (4 ounces) – $1700 to $4300
  • Half pound of wholesale shatter (8 ounces) – $3400 to $5700
  • One pound of wholesale shatter (16 ounces) – $5500 to $10,750

Bulk Shatter New York

The best shops to buy cheap bulk shatter are from online dispensaries that focus on bulk concentrates. You will find bulk shatter available by the half ounce (14 grams), and one ounce (28 grams). While wholesale shatter is available by the quarter pound (4 ounces), and half pound (8 ounces), and sometimes shatter by the pound (16 ounces).

The best cheap ounces of shatter online come from popular online dispensaries that rotate their inventory quickly. This allows them to carry a large selection of shatter strains of various qualities, from low-grade to high-grade shatter. It also allows for ounces of shatter to be sold in mix and match variety packs.

The below chart shows the best shatter deals and prices going, all based on ounces of shatter.

Ounces of Shatter New York City – Best Bulk Prices

Top Shelf (20+ strains)$450 per ounce of shatter
$20 to $30 Nug-run Shatter$390 to $488 per ounce 
Premium AAAA ShatterHalf price sale at $20 per gram or $560 per ounce
Mid Tier Shatter$400 per ounce with mix & match options
Premium Branded Shatter$450-$525 per ounce with mix & match options

Best Wholesale Bulk Shatter Deals

I sampled, reviewed and compared their shatter and found it was all great quality, even the lower quality $10 to 15 shatter.

Featuring over 8 strains of shatter (prices are subject to change, they are often cheaper).

> 1/4 pound (4 ounces) of wholesale shatter – $2,060.80
> 1/2 pound (8 ounces) of wholesale shatter – $4,032.00
> 1 pound (16 ounces) of wholesale shatter – $7,884.80

Cheap Shatter New York City Lists 

In this section find call-outs of the best and cheapest shatter deals when it comes to quality, price, and brand. Each recommendation is vetted with reviews and are trusted Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) operators. Also, find coupon codes you can use when you buy shatter online from these dispensaries. They can be applied to your shopping cart during the checkout process.

The first table shows the top 5 cheapest shatter deals online right now. The second top 5 list shows each online dispensary in more detail with cheap shatter examples, coupon codes, and current shatter deals.

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